Hilarious VW Commercials To Watch on Repeat

Hillarious VW Commercials Austin

Lately, there has been more emphasis placed on video marketing messages as they are more engaging. Marketing specialists have discovered a trend involving the use of funny commercials to help ingrain a companies name or logo into the consumers head. Here is a list of some of Hilarious Volkswagen commercials to watch (they will be summarized below):

VW Passat – The Force

In this commercial we see a young Darth Vader walking around a house attempting to use force on various household objects. Those objects include a washing machine, baby doll, dog and a workout machine. The young Vader has no luck. Then his dad comes home with his Volkswagen Passat. Darth Vader walks outside and uses the force to turn on the car (it was really his dad with a wireless key).

VW Passat – Dad’s Horrible Throw

In this video, a dad is playing baseball with his son out in the yard. They are just passing the ball back and forth to each other trying to be more accurate when throwing the ball. The dad is clearly not the best teacher because his throwing technique is not very good. A VW Passat is parked in the background as the baseball rolls by it and/or bumps into the car.

VW Golf – Can’t Trust Every Old Lady

In this video, there are elderly grandparents showing off their old VW Golf to what appears to be a grandson or other young family member. As the young boy man is getting in the car and testing out all the features, Grandma experiences a series of flashbacks of here driving recklessly.

VW 100,000 Miles

In this video, there is a dad and daughter that are talking on their drive home as their Volkswagen hits 100,000 miles. The father claims that it is a very important milestone in life and places an imagine in our minds of engineers getting wings after each Volkswagen hits 100K miles.

VW Beetle – Famous Beetle Funeral Commercial

In this vintage commercial, there is a funeral parade with a “deceased” man commentating over the video about what he was going to give to each of his relatives and friends as stated in his will. He only gives one dollar or a few coins to those that just looked to spend his money while he was still alive. He gives his entire fortune and VW Beetle to his one son that learned the value of saving for a new Volkswagen.

There are many different ways to market a Volkswagen car to a wide range of audiences and promotional messages do not always have to be serious. A person is more likely to share something they found that was funny than something that is just trying to make them spend money. If you haven’t seen enough of the amazing things Volkswagens can do from these commercials, head to Onion Creek VW in Austin and get behind the wheel of your very own Volkswagen to see what adventures you may be able to have!