The VW Car-Net® is Making Volkswagen Even More Worth it

VW Car-Net

Volkswagen is already a leading seller in the United States and sales continue to rise with every new model year. They have introduced something for 2017 that is making their cars even more worth the purchase. The VW Car-Net allows you to stay connected and know everything that’s going on with your vehicle whether you are with it or not.

Remote Vehicle Access That’s Safe and Secure

Use your smart device to connect it to your vehicle and get updates knowing everything that is going on with your Volkswagen. If you have a teen that is driving you can even check and set things such as speed and acceleration. The VW Car-Net will even send out an alert in the event of a crash whenever your air bags are deployed. You will feel even better about driving when you get Volkswagen with VW Car-Net.

Diagnostics and Maintenance With Family Guardian

Knowing the stats of your vehicles engine has never been easier. You will get alerts when something is wrong, and you can even check to see your diagnostics whenever and wherever. Keep up with the health of your vehicle more easily. The family guardian will allow you to set boundaries for either someone you love or yourself. Make driving safer for the whole family with the VW Car-Net.

Set it Up Now!

You can set up VW Car-Net now on the website if you already have a vehicle that is able to host it. It is a very easy process and you won’t regret deciding to invest in a Volkswagen with Car-Net capabilities.

Get a VW Car-Net Vehicle Today!

Come out to Onion Creek Volkswagen today to find a Volkswagen that support the VW Car-Net function. Begin connecting with your vehicle more today when you invest in a Volkswagen. Also, stop by for any vehicle needs or concerns you may have. Our highly trained professionals will have you back on the road in no time!