Take the 2017 Golf Alltrack to New Terrains


The new Alltrack is becoming even truer to its name with the 2017 model.  This exploration vehicle is taking things to the next level as it enables the driver to explore more and worry less about whether their vehicle can handle it or not. Find out what makes the new Alltrack such a great specimen for the adventurer in all of us.

Proving Its Usefulness

To prove how much the Alltrack can actually handle, Volkswagen let National Geographic photographer and explorer Renan Ozturk take the vehicle into three of the Earth’s most mysterious landscapes. This was to show how the Golf Alltrack’s 4MOTION® all-wheel drive can handle just about anything that is thrown at it and gives the driver maximum control over where to go. He explored the Bonneville Salt Flats after a night of unexpected heavy rain. He navigated over the wetland to find the perfect picture without any trouble. He took it to Goblin Valley where it looks like Mars but is earth. He showed how the Alltrack still handled fine on the dry desert. He also took it to Fantasy Canyon to show how it handles on loose dirt as well. You can view all of the adventures here.

Taking the Alltrack Off-Road

The specialized engine and ABS configuration offers an Off-Road Mode that is designed to help you traverse a variety of different terrains. If you love going off the beaten path and creating your own adventure then this is the perfect vehicle for you. The 2017 model year offers so much more than any other Alltrack has, and makes this the perfect time to invest in one.

Test Drive the Alltrack

Come by Onion Creek Volkswagen to test drive the new Alltrack and see for yourself how it handles. You can also stop by for any vehicle needs or questions you may have regarding your vehicle. Our professionals are highly trained in Volkswagen, and we are always happy to help.