Onion Creek Volkswagen Sponsored Sun Radio’s SXSW this Year

Close up on hands playing on electric guitar

SXSW Sun Radio

Onion Creek Volkswagen is proud to have sponsored this year’s SXSW for Sun Radio in Austin, TX! It was a great success and we enjoyed seeing the results of this incredible event! The 42 bands that performed showed talent as well as dedication, while the crowd that attended showed their appreciation with excitement and enthusiasm!

Special Thanks to Our Community

We at Onion Creek Volkswagen would like to thank the musicians for their incredible performances and the guests for their further donation and support at the door. We know that ultimately, the community is what enables this unique event to take place. “YETI” and “The Backstage” hosted this event in Austin, TX from March 15th-17th. The amazing hosts and local community members definitely helped to make this event lively and genuine. From the community bands that auditioned, to the people that organized and attended, to community businesses and sponsors – we are extremely grateful for your support. You were all an important part of Sun Radio’s SXSW. Our dealership is honored to have partnered with you in making this event a huge success. We feel fortunate to have sponsored an event that showcases so much community involvement.

Doing Our Part

As part of the Austin, TX community, Onion Creek Volkswagen felt that it was necessary for us to be a part of the 2017 SXSW for Sun Radio. So, of course, we were glad to support the event with our sponsorship. Furthermore, we would like to fulfill our social responsibility by offering Austin locals an exceptional experience at our dealership.

We pair top tier customer service with quality vehicles to provide the best shopping experience possible. Our staff is always available, and we’re ready to exceed each customers’ expectations. You can receive assistance with selecting the vehicle that satisfies your personal needs, financing the vehicle you choose, and maintaining that vehicle throughout its life in our comprehensive service center. Our great services also help us to support our community by promoting safety on the roadways. Our dealership provides sound vehicles as well as meticulous auto maintenance. Therefore, we help to minimize the risk of vehicle malfunctions on the Austin, TX streets.

We’d like to thank our community again for being active and generous in supporting the 2017 SXSW for Sun Radio and Austin locals. Additionally, we’d like to encourage the Austin, TX community to consider Onion Creek Volkswagen next time they are in search of a reliable vehicle and outstanding vehicle service. We hope to see you soon and we hope you’ll become part of the Onion Creek Volkswagen community as well!