Experience Holistic Growth at the Body Mind Spirit Expo

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Wanting to find your inner strength? Or better yourself spiritually? Join in on the holistic movement by attending this year’s Body Mind Spirit Expo in Austin! This two-day expo consists of plenty events and will surely give you some insight on how the holistic mind works.

Expo Information

The Body Mind Spirit Expo will be taking place at the Palmer’s Event Center  on July 15th-16th. These popular events have been going on for about 30 years all over the United States! Come benefit from this experience by informing yourself with the many presentations, exhibits, and lectures on the holistic way of life. The movement combines alternative and natural health, physics, and metaphysics to the market. The nation’s finest psychics, mediums, and healers will also be attending. This year’s event theme is “Shine Your Truth”, so keep it in mind through out the weekend! Attend this year’s event to better yourself, or rent a booth as an exhibitor to sell your natural products! Admission for both days is only $12 (on sale for $11 right now).

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Expo Agenda

There will be plenty to do to keep you busy at the Body Mind Spirit Expo! Venture into this unique way of life as the weekend’s agenda is filled with speakers, meditation sessions, presentations, and the holistic market. Exhibitors will be selling books, essential oils, natural medicine, foods, crystals, and more. Click here to see the full agenda.

About the Company

Body Mind Spirit Expo (BMSE) first began in 1986 in Ashland, Oregon. The expos equally focused on natural ways to maintain health, personal growth, and metaphysics. The events started to rapidly grow as the holistic family began to grow all over the southeast of the U.S. BMSE has been successfully going on for over 30 years; these events are still taking place today!

The company’s mission is to “bring the shining insights and life affirming wisdom of the awakening spiritual age to people across the globe. Our events offer a nurturing, safe space wherein each visitor discovers their inner path and local holistic community”.

Plan to Attend!

Even if you have not thought about becoming apart of the holistic lifestyle, you should still attend! Come experience the Body Mind Soul Expo with the community of Austin and beyond. Connect with the holistic travelers as you both learn alternative methods and more. Explore as you learn about the natural ways to heal your body, mind, and soul in this relaxed, welcoming atmosphere!

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