Simple Steps to Saying “Goodbye” to Sugar!

Cut Sugar Addiction Austin
The use of sugar and products has continued to increase around the world despite the health dangers associated with it. We know that sugary breakfast foods and snacks aren’t good for us, yet we still eat them and stock our pantry with them on a daily basis. These tendencies show...[read more]

Make Music with Elmo at Sesame Street Live

Sesame Street Live Austin
A big Sesame Street event will be heading to Austin, Texas in March. If you love Sesame Street, music, and Elmo, you will want to mark this upcoming special event on your to-do list. This is Sesame Street Live and it will be held at the Frank Erwin Center. There...[read more]

Spread Love and Positivity Throughout Austin on Valentine’s Day

Spread Love and Positivity Throughout Austin on Valentine's Day
Here at Onion Creek Volkswagen, we take our role in Austin a bit further than auto sales. We strive to make a positive impact on the community and to help to build lasting connections between people in the city. Connect with us, and show others that you care on Valentine's Day! Valentine's...[read more]

The Absolute Best Tacos You Can Find in Austin, Texas

If Austin is known for anything it’s the amazing food that is served there. Some of the best food found in Austin is the Tacos that are everywhere. You can find Taco stands everywhere in this city. It’s hard to know which taco to choose when you are handed the...[read more]

The Main Differences Between the Volkswagen Golf and the Golf GTI

Volkswagen Golf
The Golf and Golf GTI have a lot of differences between the two models that may not be noticed at first. Both are great vehicles that have reasonable pricing and some of the best car features that are available today. Find out the most important differences between the two models...[read more]

The Historic Value in the Older Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle
The Beetle is a classic German car and can be seeing zooming down the road all across the country. They have been around for a long time, and some of the older models have a lot of historic significance. Older models that have been restored are now worth hundreds of...[read more]

The Top Wedding Venues You Can Find in Austin, Texas

wedding venues
The city of Austin, Texas has a lot of beautiful urban views. It doesn’t take that long to drive out and see the beautiful countryside it has to offer as well. These beautiful scenes call for some of the best wedding venues you can find. Austin offers so many different...[read more]

The VW Car-Net® is Making Volkswagen Even More Worth it

VW Car-Net
Volkswagen is already a leading seller in the United States and sales continue to rise with every new model year. They have introduced something for 2017 that is making their cars even more worth the purchase. The VW Car-Net allows you to stay connected and know everything that’s going on...[read more]

2017 Volkswagen Golf R vs the 2017 Ford Focus RS

Performance hatchbacks continue to get popular due to their interior space and their ability to get around quick. Both the 2017 Volkswagen Golf R and the 2017 Ford Focus RS seem to be great competitors in this market, and make it hard to choose between the two. They have a...[read more]